Get, Set, Go for your Summer Travels With Bandhej!

Get, Set, Go for your Summer Travels With Bandhej!

Summers are here again! Love it, or hate it, you need to boost yourself and pump up the energy to live through the day. From Direct Create, we are bringing you the summer lifestyle tips to adorn yourself and enrich your life. Presenting the beautiful Bandhej collection with a tinge of the summer sun.
Here are 6 reasons why Bandhej is a must-have for your wardrobe and you should totally go for it this season. Read on!

 1. Bandhej is the new sexy.

The carefree summer days are back! Summer brings out the happy-go-lucky ones inside all of us. It makes us cheerful as everything around is bright and lively. As summer brings along the sun and merriment, we bring to you the Bandhej style!  Bandhej is also commonly known as Bandhani. With Bandhej scarves and dupattas, you can enjoy the summer days outside with your friends. It gives a cooling effect to the eye, and makes you feel free and alive! So beat the heat with the colours of Bandhej and pack your bags with these outfits. Wear it with style this summer.

2. The Cool and Calming Effect

Lehariya is a form of Bandhej craft which creates natural swirls and waves in the cloth’s design.
It is made in dazzling colours that enhance its beauty. The Leheriya pattern kindles the image of the flowing water. This creates a soothing effect on our minds. The name Leheriya suggests lehrein or ‘waves’ that produce a water-like effect, which is appealing to the eye.

Let the waves beat the summertime blues!

 3. Of Threads and Fun!

One of my fondest memories of childhood is untangling the threads from the beautifully crafted Bandhej dupatta that my Mom had bought. That very act of pulling the folds apart for the knots to open was the most fun thing to do! It gives the same amount of happiness like bursting the bubbles in a Bubble Wrap. So bring out the child inside you and have some fun, folks!

 4. A Traditional Indian Design Rooted in Rajasthan

The dotted patterns, the waves, and the swirls that are formed on the dupatta are as a result of the tie and dye making of Bandhej. The art of Bandhej is popularized by the Rajasthani tradition; the rainbow-coloured turbans worn by Rajasthani men; the elegant dupattas carried by women, all this is where the art form emerges from.
In the old times, men used to wear turbans crafted from the various Bandhej designs so as to distinguish the different communities of Rajasthan.

 5. The Artisans’ Hard Work  

Bandhej is a craft that requires meticulous skill perfected over the years. The craftsmen who make the Bandhej cloth put in tremendous amount of efforts in its making. The artisans bring in their expertise and knowledge of colour schemes in the process of tying and dying to make the cloth.
Here’s an interesting fact: An intricate pattern in a Bandhej Saree has approximately 75,000 dots! Clearly, the artisans working on the craft strive hard to make the final product.
It involves intricate work on the part of the artisans as certain parts of the cloth are tied with thread. The tied cloth is then dipped in the dye, and the process is repeated with different colours that add to the vibrancy of the cloth.
Ekdali (a single dot), Chaubasi (a group of four dots), and Dungar Shahi (the mountain pattern) are some of the well-known Bandhej designs.

 6. Your Ultimate Travel Companion

Bandhej dupattas and scarves are your backpack essentials. Become your own style guide and pair that white top with a cool blue Bandhej scarf. The scarf is lightweight, easy to carry, and gives you a lively look. It adds the required colour and texture to your outfit.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags with cool Bandhej stuff, and beat the summertime blues! Hey, hey, get back into the swing of things and have fun!

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