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This causes the surface of the planet to be compressed and bulge at the edge of the ice.As glaciers melt the bulging changes and this redistributes the Earth’s mass. Although the last glacial period ended 26,000 years ago the planet is still slowly changing shape.The second reason is something called “mantle convection”.Planets in the Trappist 1 system are ‘very Earth like’ and COULD host alien life, study revealsThe theory is that, as with melting ice, it is the shifting of large rocks within the Earth’s core that may be responsible for some of the planet’s wobble. These rocks move like chunks in a soup heated on the stove.They first rise up and then fall back down, causing a substantial shift in where the mass of the planet is located.There is some hot debate about how much of the Earth’s wobble is down to this process and NASA says its impact isn’t certain.It’s the third and final cause that is at least partially caused by human influence.

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