Now, if one happened to have been the type to go to a certain

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MARTIN: It is so big there are records we could not even fit cheap canada goose uk into our segment! New albums from Blue Eyed Soul Crooner, Jamie Lidell, the debut from Kanye West collaborator, Estelle, brand new buy canada goose jacket cheap awesomeness from Def Leppard. That was the name of my soccer team in eighth canada goose store grade, by the way.

MARTIN: Yeah, I know. We were totally rocking.

MARTIN: And believe it uk canada goose outlet or not, a new canada goose record from Philly’s greatest, the Roots. It’s kind of bitter sweet, to be honest. Well, maybe not so bitter. We’re going to have the Roots in studio to talk about their record. It’s called “Rising Down.”

That’ll happen in the next hour. What do we do now? We’re going to talk about even more new releases with Lizzie Goodman, editor at large for Blender Magazine, who is here in studio. Hey, Lizzie.

Ms. LIZZIE GOODMAN (Editor at Large, Blender Magazine): Hey there.

Ms. GOODMAN: Thanks for having me.

canada goose outlet parka MARTIN: Let’s start with Portishead. Now, if one happened to have been the type to go to a certain kind of dinner party back in the ’90s, you might have heard this band kind of being played on low, low volume with a little fondue pot, perhaps. They were part of the trip hop scene, right? canada goose outlet parka

canada goose outlet ottawa Ms. GOODMAN: Yeah. I mean, I think sort of grudgingly, but yes, by default, they were part of the tri hop scene. That’s kind of if you go on Wikipedia, Portishead are listed as trip hop, so obviously that’s the source to be reckoned with. canada goose outlet ottawa

canada goose factory outlet vancouver PESCA: I’m on Wikipedia, and I’ll check that. Go ahead. canada goose factory outlet vancouver

canada goose factory outlet MARTIN: Yeah. So, but Canada Goose online they took a major hiatus. canada goose factory outlet

canada goose outlet website legit Ms. GOODMAN: Yeah, I mean, you know, they’re kind of one of those bands that never really. canada goose outlet website legit

canada goose jacket uk PESCA: (Reading) Portishead, an English trip hop group from. canada goose jacket uk

Ms. GOODMAN: There you go! See, I’m glad that I’m being backed up here, buy canada goose jacket because usually when I say things I have not canadian goose jacket researched them at all.

canada goose outlet ontario Ms. GOODMAN: But this one instance was an occasion which I had, so good for me. Just kidding. Yeah, you know, they were always a group that kind of took breaks between they were never super press pressed into being rock stars, they were always kind of press shy. canada goose outlet ontario

So it’s not really that surprising that it’s taken them this long to Canada Goose Coats On Sale record a third album, although it’s canada goose clearance still kind of surprising. I mean, they took several canada goose coats on sale years between their first and second records, but certainly not 11 years, which is how long it’s been before the third record.

canada goose outlet black friday sale MARTIN: OK. Let’s get a little sample of what their offering us on this new album. The song is called “Machine Head.” canada goose outlet black friday sale

(Soundbite of song “Machine Gun”)

PORTISHEAD: (Singing) Saw a savior. A savior comes my way. I thought I’d see it At the cold light of day.

MARTIN: So, I stand corrected, I said “Machine Head.” It’s called “Machine Gun,” and it sounds kind of like a machine gun.

Ms. GOODMAN: Yeah. They have, you know, what I like about this record is that in waiting as long as they canada goose factory sale have to release it, they’ve sort of evaded having to avoided having to continue canada goose clearance sale to release albums that sound like their first Canada Goose Outlet two records. It’s much more industrial and sort of haunted than trip hoppy.

canada goose outlet in vancouver I don’t really feel like putting on a minimalist party and going to a fondue party. It’s sort of more it’s darker and weirder, and yeah, a little more industrial than trippy. So, it’s good. They’ve kind of avoided having to stick with what everyone knew them for by waiting this long to record a third record. So, both. canada goose outlet in vancouver

Ms. GOODMAN: Do you want to just follow me around in life?

MARTIN: Poor Lizzie! Poor, poor Lizzie!

PESCA: We’ll catch you in canada goose outlet a lie once.

Ms. GOODMAN: One of canada goose uk shop these days I’m going to mess up and you’re going to be there cheap Canada Goose to catch it and I’m going to be looking forward to that day.

canada goose outlet eu MARTIN: Yeah. Welcome to my world, Lizzie Goodman. OK. We are going to swiftly move to Madonna. Madonna canada goose outlet eu.