So my FGS (1807) trumps Dad FRSC (1980

FRS and Professor Russell Lande

Congratulations, Professor Steve Jones,, FRS!This year crop of newly minted Fellows of the Royal Society (FRS)has just been canada goose announced, and I am overjoyed to see that Steve Jones (University College, London) has been canada goose uk shop given the highest scientific honour the UK can bestow. The citation says:Steve Jones is our Number One communicator on evolution and on many other aspects of genetics. Through his balanced but incisive commentaries the public has come to trust him to interpret the breathtaking advances in genetics canada goose uk outlet and genetic modification that have characterised the last couple of decades and canada goose uk black friday that continue to perplex and worry many non scientists.What they don say canada goose black friday sale is that canadian goose jacket he a lovely bloke, and incredibly generous with his time, to both students and colleagues alike.Also on the list is Jerry good pal evolutionary biologist Russell Lande, from Imperial College, London, who only Canada Goose Online a few months ago scooped the Balzan Prize. Russell citation reads:Russell Lande is one of the world leading population biologists. He pioneered the field of quantitative genetics and phenotypic evolution in natural populations with a series of theoretical papers on mutation and maintenance of heritable variation, sexual dimorphism and sexual selection, life history evolution, phenotypic plasticity, plant mating systems, and the measurement of natural selection on correlated characters. His concepts of the G matrix and the selection gradient are now standard tools in evolutionary biology. He Canada Goose Outlet is an expert in stochastic demography and population viability, and achieved international prominence as a conservation biologist for both his conceptual and applied contributions.I don know Russell personally, but I tried to read his work and his 1981 paper’Models of speciation by sexual selection on polygenic traits’ (open accesshere) canada goose store impressed me no end uk canada goose outlet at the time, when I was a PhD student.I sure Jerry will want to say something about the great recognition bestowed on these two people both good friends of his. For my part, I will raise a glass of good red wine to both of them, and to evolutionary biology!Jerry update: Yes, these are both good friends of mine, and since it the FRS, let me say that I enormously chuffed that these Canada Goose online two have garnered this long overdue hono(u)r.I did field work with Steve in Death Valley when I was a postdoc, and continued to work canada goose coats on sale with him over the years, as well as finding frequent and hospitable refuge in his Camden Square home. He an honest, unpretentious, and erudite man, with a wide ranging knowledge of literature and evolutionary genetics, as well as an unstinting uk canada goose love of snails.Russ, although American, now has a Royal Society Professorship at Imperial College London. He was in grad school with me, and intimidated us all with his brains. His penchant for nonselective models of evolution earned him the nickname Drift, which he retains to this day. National Academy of Sciences, and they better elect him pronto! Are you reading this, Drs. Hillis and Felsenstein?Congrats to my two pals for being able to append (sarcastically known as Research Scientist to their names.Or is FCD an Americanism that didn swim the Pond?Me I still trying to figure out how to get an FRS. I thought I got Dad trumped when I got my FGS, but he sneaked in an FLS on top of his long standing FRSC. And hadn told me. Cad!(I don know what the convention in America is, but in Britain, if you a member of multiple learned societies, then you list them after your name in the societies order of precedence, oldest first. So my FGS (1807) trumps Dad FRSC (1980, but with antecedents starting in 1849 ; trumped either way). He sneaked a card out of his buy canada goose jacket cheap sleeve with FLS (1788) on it. But with a reasonable amount of work, I may be able to sneak a 1780 card into my deck cheap Canada Goose in a few years.Intellectual bingo! The game the whole family can play?Or is it? Perhaps we better work out the rules before this becomes silly. National Academy canada goose clearance sale of Sciences canada goose outlet goes, people should realize that the electoral system there has some flaws (which are acknowledged and they have tried to fix). If field X has many people already in the NAS, and field Y does not, then new electees are more likely to be from field X. But once you see the system at work you would be astonished that anybody good ever gets elected.

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