(They) could not explain why I was in so much pain

W5 investigates a rare but painful side effect of laser eye surgery

But a W5 investigation uncovered a small but increasingly vocal group of patients who claim they developed a very rare complication after surgery that left them in chronic pain, unable to work and even contemplating suicide.

Hussein Jenkins’ ordeal began four years uk canada goose outlet ago when he decided to get laser surgery to correct his nearsightedness.

He says an attempt to fix the problem with another canadian goose jacket laser procedure a treatment his doctor described as an “enhancement” made his vision worse and left him with debilitating pain.

“I lost the ability to use my eyes buy canada goose jacket cheap in sync,” he said. “The nerves and the muscles on canada goose uk black friday the right side of my head tightened.”

“It felt like a head injury, it felt like shrapnel. It’s every day from the time I wake up and open my eyes, canada goose coats on sale all day every day,” he said, breaking down in tears.

He says his feelings of despair and hopelessness made him want Canada Goose Coats On Sale to end his life.

“It does cross your mind that it is not worth living anymore.”

It is a similar story for 25 year old Gwendoline Prudhomme from Montreal. She developed a “shooting, stabbing pain” in her eyes one year after her Lasik procedure in Vancouver in 2016.

canada goose outlet online store review When eye doctors examined her eyes they concluded they were normal and told her problems were in her head. canada goose outlet online store review

canada goose outlet in canada “I have seen over 20 ophthalmologists. (They) could not explain why I was in so much pain. I got very depressed and suicidal at one point,” she said. canada goose outlet in canada

Meanwhile, Christopher Ouellet, who also lives in Montreal, cannot look at a https://www.canadagoosejacketonlines.ca screen for more than a few minutes because Canada Goose sale of a burning sensation in his eyes after his procedure in 2015. He has given up his work as accountant.

canada goose outlet real “Accounting work is on a computer, I can’t do that. My diploma is canada goose outlet good for the trash,” he said. canada goose outlet real

canada goose stockists uk Both Christopher and Gwendoline posted their stories online and joined a community of desperate patients who shared strikingly similar symptoms canada goose stockists uk

canada goose outlet store quebec Often, they are diagnosed with dry eyes syndrome, a known post operative complication of laser surgery that typically resolves within six months. The second procedure was an “enhancement” he had before Canada Goose online returning to school in Texas to become an engineer. canada goose outlet store quebec

canada goose outlet new york city That’s when he developed what his doctors canada goose uk outlet labelled dry eye, said his mother Nancy Burleson, a physician in Texas. canada goose outlet new york city

canada goose outlet nyc “He was in constant severe pain. He described it as needles sticking into his eyes continuously,” she said. The doctors offered him little help, said Burleson. “They Canada Goose Parka said it will go away. Stick with it, it will go away. ” canada goose outlet nyc

canada goose outlet toronto location Eventually, Max had to quit school, couldn’t drive and couldn’t get a job. “He was financially devastated,” said Burleson. canada goose outlet toronto location

The day after his 27th birthday, Max went to a state park in Texas and cheap canada goose uk took his own life. Burleson has been on a mission to learn more about the Canada Goose Online procedure that caused her son so much pain.

Ophthalmologist and cornea specialist Dr. Pedram Hamrah sees patients at his clinic at Tufts Medical Center in Boston canada goose store from all over the world many are suicidal and desperate for answers.

They have eye pain caused by injury, illness and surgery. Some develop it after cataract canada goose clearance sale surgery. About 20 per cent of his patients are post Lasik.

Dr. Hamrah says in some cases, what’s dismissed as dry eye, is in fact a condition called corneal neuralgia severe canada goose uk shop pain caused by damaged nerves in the cornea.

The condition is often missed because the diagnostic tools that doctors have used for over a century are ill equipped to uncover the problem.

canada goose outlet online Historically, doctors have relied on a slit lamp, a device which shines an intense light directly into the eye, and a standard microscope to detect abnormalities, he buy canada goose jacket said. canada goose outlet online

“But in patients with corneal neuralgia, the corneas can look normal or mildly dry and the vision of the patients is typically 20/20 so there is nothing to put your finger on,” he said.

canada goose outlet in uk When Dr. Hamrah’s team used a high powered in vivo confocal microscope to get high resolution images of corneal nerves, they made a startling discovery. canada goose outlet in uk

“When we started looking at these patients who had eye pain, we found that every single patient who has this also shows these nerve abnormalities,” he said.