This Rakshabandhan revisit the bond of love

This Rakshabandhan revisit the bond of love

Raksha Bandhan is a festival observed to pay homage to the sacred and unconditional bond between brothers and sisters. It’s an ancient Vedic festival which is celebrated every year on the full moon day of the month of Shravan (August). 

On this festival, as a ritual, a sister ties a colorful rakhi, a sacred thread that symbolizes love between siblings, around her brother’s wrist. The festival starts by performing traditional aarti and concludes with prayers. Moreover, as a part of tradition, a brother presents his sister varied exciting gifts and vows to guide and protect her throughout the life. Gifts play a prominent role and symbolize tokens of love and affection.

Rakhi is a symbol of love that brings men and women together, bridging religious/caste fault lines.When a Rakhi is tied on the wrists of close friends and neighbors, it underscores the need for a harmonious social life, in which individuals co-exist peacefully as brothers and sisters. All members of the community commit to protecting one another and the society in such congregational Rakhi Utsavs, popularized by the Nobel laureate Bengali poet, Rabindranath Tagore.

Hereby Direct Create brings to you an exquisite collection of gifts for your beloved friend, your confidant, your sustainer, and your support system.


  • Colorful Art Bottle – A perfect choice of gift for the sister who finds her interest inclined towards creativity and is an art aficionado.

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  • Aha Notebook – A notebook featuring innovative art patterns for the sister who loves painting her thoughts into words.




  • Bibliophile Lamp – For the sister who loves to read when the world sleeps.

  • Buddhi Yoga Game – Through this game she will end up knowing herself better. Rolling the dice and throwing the cowrie shells is all that it takes.

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This Rakshabandhan gift your sister a present savored with love and affection by the artists and craftsmen of our country and become a part of the Indian handmade movement.