My two months at Direct Create

My two months at Direct Create

When I got an official farewell after my internship got over, I felt like holding on to my internship. I found that I was not ready to let go. I have no idea how my journey completed so fast with Direct Create. The seven weeks of my internship taught me a lot: the learning of design and execution of the same, getting an industry exposure was a great opportunity for me. The love and care the team showed to us has been very valuable. Direct Create has a good working environment, it is so peaceful that I never had the feeling that I am in office. It always felt like home (also because the office is located in a peaceful and beautiful bungalow on the Golf Course Road in Gurgaon). The evening treats that we had almost thrice a week helped us in relieving the unplanned stress from work and to communicate with rest of the employees. Direct Create gave me new friends and I can not forget them in my life.

It gave me the understanding of purposeful lifestyle goals and how we, in this era of globalization, get so meager and irresponsible towards our roots that we forget to take our heritage for example crafting for utility into our contemporary lifestyle. Our traditions are not dictating terms, they are uniting the cultural ethics like a craftsmen’s patience, perseverance and devotion into living agendas, which is why I felt the founders of Direct Create, Rajeev Lunkad sir and Sheela Lunkad mam are giving a good opportunity to the people to know about crafts and how a craftsman earns his living – not just with the money that he makes but also with his thoughts and concepts and the motivation that he presents with his handiwork.

I resurrected my path of finding the artist’s devotion, through which I can make fashion a tool to express. Even though my internship is done, I will continue to give my services to Direct Create by introducing this world of handmade products to the different people I come across. I am assured that  Direct Create will take this brilliant initiative forward and introduce India’s wealth of crafts to the world.

There is a saying that “Everything in life happens for a reason”. My discovery of an aesthetic that will travel with me throughout my journey as a designer will have found its ground here, at Direct Create.

I will really miss Direct Create and the people I worked with and hope we will be in touch in future.  I hope in my journey I become better version of myself to serve to a community who are linking art to life.