Wood Work from Rajasthan

Wood Work from Rajasthan


Wood work was never a significant craft of Jodhpur; the recent emergence of a large and potentially profitable export market has however caused a number of Suthar, or members of the carpenter caste, to immigrate from nearby villages 
to the city, thus establishing a large craft cluster. In case of painted wooden furniture of Jodhpur in Rajasthan, many of the artisans skilled in miniature paintings are now involved in similar painting work on the furniture.


Most of the Suthar are either from Barmer, the region of Rajasthan well known for its intricate wood carving, or belong to the Meghwal community who carve stands for flour grinders, cots, camel and bullock carts and cradles for use by the village community;  these objects are often decorated with carved details and small engraved metal elements. Their respective skills have been adapted to the requirements of the burgeoning urban and export markets and the city of Jodhpur now generates a range of carved, painted, metal worked and antique-finished wood products. Though most of the metal ornamentation on wood utilizes brass, white metal and copper have also begun to be employed. Sheets of metal are bought, embossed with the aid of dies, then cut into required shapes and sizes and affixed onto the wooden object so that it covers the wood partially or entirely. If the wood is not entirely covered over, it is painted and distressed or given an antique finish. Rajasthan handicraft uses lively colors to impart distinct and attractive look to the furniture.


Wooden furniture crafts have undergone many changes in design as the fusion between traditional and modern styles is in huge demand in the market. Emboss work on furniture in Kishangarh, Rajasthan, is a design innovation that has gained appreciation in the market. In terms of technology artisans continue to work with simple tools and traditional techniques that lend a unique flavor to their products.


Flour grinders, Cots, Carts, Cradles, Chests of drawers, Figurines and other small wooden furniture