Why you should engage your kids with DIY kits this summer

Why you should engage your kids with DIY kits this summer

Summer Vacation is on us again – it’s the time of the year when the most common thing that you’ll hear from your kids is “I am bored!”. Whether you work full-time or are a stay at home parent, getting children to enjoy these vacations, without either side complaining is a task in itself. Research says that the average child complains of being bored 106 times during the summer holidays, and three-quarters of parents wish they could send their children back to school in this situation. The study further states that parents spend an extra Rs 2000 per child, every week during vacations for food, entertainment, movies, day out etc

Now, just stop for a moment and think about it. This is a lot of money and entertainment for kids is becoming heavy on the pocket. Many parents struggle to find low-cost activities to keep the children engaged as well as learning something new. Though the struggle is real, it does not mean that the fun should stop. There are plenty of ways in which children can entertain themselves for little or no cash, and without needing parents hovering over them all the time. So let’s all save ourselves the time and money and give our children the gift of freedom to use their imagination and to do what they want to do. They will end up making new friends and trying out new skills!

Presenting to you a collection of handmade DIY kits! It’s time for kids to come closer to their roots and traditions and explore crafts of India in their extraordinary ways.

Direct Create has partnered with Maker vendors like Potli and Active Hands, who specialize in handmade DIY kits for children. There is a wide variety of options we are presenting to you at very reasonable costs.

As parents, who always want the best for our kids and at a pocket friendly options you might wonder whether it is actually a good idea to invest in these kits. Here is how your kids will benefit:

Benefits for the brain:

Children will use their imagination to picture the end result of their fun DIY projects. They will visualize the ideal outcome and plan on what steps they need to follow to help them get there. They will learn new skills. In the long run, they are learning planning and organizational skills. Learning new skills also help them exercises their brains, and will also help in acquiring additional knowledge, which will help them to move forward into bigger, more detailed DIY projects.

Benefits for budget:

With a DIY project,  labor is free free free!!!! The cost of materials is often the only expense. The best thing is that your child will have something really beautiful to show at school for the next term.

Benefits for family:

If you have a busy schedule you generally may not have that much of time to spend with your child. However, fret not. There are a host of easy and budget friendly DIYs that you can make with your child. The project is not very time consuming and could be time well spent for you ad your child.

Benefits for social life:

DIY projects are a wonderful way to meet other children with similar interests or skills to share. DIY projects and successes will be natural conversation starters. Children will learn a great deal by sharing experiences with others. It is more than worth their time to befriend like-minded people.

So are you ready to get started? As a parent, even you might find a DIY project that becomes a new interest or hobby for you!  Do give it a try. We promise you that you won’t regret it.

To a happy and DIY-filled summer vacation ahead!

Check out our pocket friendly and fun-filled DIY collection.