Making of a Wedding Invite – The Supra Wedding

Making of a Wedding Invite – The Supra Wedding

Things from the past always find a way of inspiring the future.

With a quest to revive the arts of yesteryear, to celebrate the intricacies of timeless techniques and to bring back to life fashion inspired by royalty but fit for 21st century style siren, we created a customized and theme based wedding invite.

Layered with whimsical references, vintage details and state-of-the-art techniques, this invitation drew inspiration from the traditional art form of Odisha, wood crafting and brass works of Uttar Pradesh and a panel design from a designer based in the U.K.

The Wedding Box with the pattachitra panel, wedding booklet and invites.

The entire wedding box was tastefully designed keeping in mind the family’s tradition.

Right from the wooden box carrying the invitation inserts to the Supra initials embossed on the sticker you can see on the packaging, the bride’s family ensured that the invite becomes a lifetime memory for their guests. They wanted the invite to have a keepsake quality to it, and to be understated and sophisticated.


The ivory toned box depicting the contemporary screen printing of the peacock imagery opens to reveal handcrafted treats. All the collaterals needed for the ceremony were designed to remain true to the theme of the event, and were handcrafted to bits because we believe in the power of sustainability and greener consumption. Many small scale makers and designers live in far-flung locations, but such platforms give them a chance to share the beauty of the styles and techniques of their homeland with others, fostering a deeper connection to individuals across cultural boundaries. When gifts are made with love, support small scale business, focus on the triple bottom line, and create sustainable alternatives to big box options, which are truly beautiful.

The palm leaf panel crafted in Tala-Pattachitra tradition right through the luggage tags, everything carried the design pattern elements. The inspiration for the artwork carved on the palm leaf panel came from an illustration designed by Sevanti Roy, a designer based in the UK. It depicted a graceful commix of three different birds, symbolic of pride, wisdom and love, admiring themselves sitting amidst blooming flowers and trees.

Speaking about the invitation cards, they were curated with each card narrating the event, dress code and details of the functions. All the cards had the details of the function screened on them with minimal gold. Every function of the wedding was proclaimed by a color and artwork corresponding to the theme of the function. The name of the event and the artwork seen on the cards were results of calligraphy done by Nikheel Apahle.

Wedding box with the Peacock imagery on the top. Personalized luggage tags, Wedding booklet, Invites and the Tala-Pattachitra panel.

The clients wanted the inserts that were easier to carry but yet still make an impact once received. The invites were made in the shape of a longer rectangle, which looked very elegant. The back of all cards had the whimsical Supra logo embossed on them with gold which added an elegant and graceful texture. The invitation cards primed the guests for all the celebrations that awaited them at the wedding ceremony.

With the ceremony inching closer, the excitement at our office reached to the peak as we were busy prepping for this exclusive wedding invite that celebrates sustainability and the power of handmade.

Personalized luggage tags were created for all the guests by artisans from the Moradabad city of Uttar Pradesh. Each brass tag was acid etched and personalized for the guests.

The box along with the inserters featured a commix of modern , traditional and transitional designs with a thoughtful blend of texture and fabrics creating a space that looked contemporary, aesthetic and artistic all at once. Each Tala-Pattachitra panel was a handcrafted work of art and brought to life the tales of rural craftspeople who painstakingly worked on this project.

Supra Wedding Bags in varied sizes


While the invitation was innovative in itself, the carry bag added a piece de resistance to it. All our concepts were rooted in Indian heritage and culture. Reviving Indian crafts and indigenous arts has always been our core philosophy and our network of over 600 plus artisans is a testimony to this. The richness of Indian culture is an enduring inspiration for wedding and also a way to empower to the nation’s craftsmen.

It’s always a pleasure working with Indian craftsmen and this was an extremely challenging yet an amazing experience.

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